Project Management

I bring keen analytical skills, including the ability to think critically and creatively, to my project management work. I navigate complicated assignments and relationships and translate goals and data into solid results.


  • Website development
  • Systems management
  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Staff management
  • Client relations
  • Committee facilitation
  • Task management
  • Publications
  • Multi-media campaigns


  • Timelines
  • Project scope
  • Milestones & deliverables
  • Materials development & training
  • Analysis
  • Reports
  • Presentations
  • RFPs & contracts
  • Evaluation
  • External & internal communications

Buzz: I secured funding and organized a conference on STEM education and workforce development that featured national experts and attracted participants, including the governor, from across the state of Massachusetts. I then authored a comprehensive post-conference report that included key performance indicators and a detailed project assessment.